Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY: Pedicure @ home step by step

Dear ladies,
I am sure you know how expensive beauty can be. Cut your hair and get a fresh color for this spring, have some massage, get your nails done etc. So I suggest that you save some money and do what you can at home. Pedicure for example. It's not difficult at all! So, let's see what do we need for this beauty diy:

1. nail remover (if you have old nail polish)

2. cotton pads
I believe you don't need an explanation for this :) but use it to remove old nail polish.

3. nail clippers
Trim your nails.
              I am using this set because it has almost everything I need and it' s perfect for travel.

4. nail files
Use it to shape your nails.
5. warm water and towel
6. essential oil / bath salt *
7. foot scrub
8. foot file / pumice stone
Be gentle with this one, you don't want to hurt yourself! Slowly remove dead skin.

9. cuticle pusher
(the same set i showed on 4. nail clippers)
This is a must! I know it can be painful if you never did it, but it is obligatory if you want your nails looking good.

10. moisturising cream
Use a generous amount so that you have really soft heels. But be careful- avoid nails area because your nail polish won't last long if it's greasy.
11. finger divider*
Instead of this you can use a few pens.
12. nail polish of your choice
I used pink one, decorated with white dots and then used mat top coat.

*13. quick dry nail spray
If you are always in a hurry like I am, then try this trick!

* =  optional

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's dinner time!

This Friday I went with my boy to a restaurant in Belgrade known as "Ђорђе" and had an incredible experience. Music was live and great, food was delicious beyond words and service was perfect. No complaints! Can't wait for spring to come so that I can eat in their beautiful garden :)

Napomena: preuzeto sa sajta restorana

This is where I will be spending my time this spring/summer :)                           Napomena: preuzeto sa sajta restorana
 And after a good meal it was time to take a nap. But before that, took some photos of my outfit:

Blazer: Zara, jumper: Lindex, jeans: Pull&Bear, boots: Nursace, jewellery: Avon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New in February: bling me up

  U januaru sam bila štediša, a u februaru... raspust!
  Predavanja na fakultetu čekaju da se završi ispitni rok koji je meni protekao veoma dobro, iako mi je virus poremetio prvobitni plan. Zato je sada došlo vreme da malo častim sebe i iskoristim još poneki slobodan dan i psihički se pripremim na početak jednog veoma napornog perioda koji će se završiti sa ovom kalendarskom godinom. Nadam se da ste i vi iskoristili neke slobodne dane da napunite baterije i krenete u nove pobede :)