Saturday, September 22, 2012

Relaxing time

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Starting with Monday I will have many things to do, so I really enjoyed this Saturday in my favorite part of Belgrade. My bf's sister visited us with her husband and we decided to enjoy this lovely weather...
After few drinks by the river we went sightseeing and visited the Millennium tower on Gardos. It was built by Hungarians in 1896 to celebrate a thousand years of their presence in this area. Tower is 36m high and somehow I got to the top (so proud)!
Also, few days ago a photographer M. Bralic opened his exposition "MAASAI LAND" in tower after his trip to Africa and you can see some of his work below. If you like, visit this page for further information about this sight.

I was wearing: TFY cardigan, Orsay blouse, Avon ring