Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty talk #1

Let's talk about... eyeshadow!
Avon, Femme Fatale (new)

Personally, I'm more into earth tones and I just love using three different tones for creating dramatic evening look or somewhat brighter for day events.
On daily basis, I use white, gold and copper/brown (Mac-White rabbit, Artdeco-616, Mac- Crown and Sceptre/Oriflame brown shade) and blend it using Mac 217 (I strongly recommend that brush, it's perfect for blending).
For evening occasions I use again Mac White Rabbit for inner corner and Mac Carbon (black) for creating smokey eye effect. Third one depends on my mood, clothes etc. These days I'm really into Avon Femme Fatale (purple one).
One day I was in Vienna with my mom and went to Mac to buy some brushes and she convinced me to buy limited edition eyeshadow instead - she was right. I'm using it almost every day and it's good as it gets! It was a bit pricey, but it was one of the greatest cosmetic investment so far.
As said, I use Mac almost every day and then I combine it (or not) with some other choices like Artdeco 616 (that I bought as a replacement for Mac Family Treasures) or Avon and Oriflame palette.
Avon is new one, but it's pretty good even though it's 10 times cheaper than Mac :)
Here are some illustrations...

Artdeco 616 in beauty box duo Glam stars by Artdeco

MAC limited edition

Oriflame Nude&Grey

All together: Mac, Artdeco, Avon, Oriflame
 What do YOU use every day or for special occasions? Would love to know!
Kises, T.

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