Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My days on Instagram

It's very difficult to carry around my camera whenever I go out, so I often use iphone instead to capture some moments. Since it's impossible to take photos of an outfit at 8pm in winter time (everyone's at work), I'll show you how I spend my 'night' time these days... 

1. shopping time during FW break: new bracelet 
2. having fun while waiting for movie to begin - I choose pink one every time :)
3. invitations for Belgrade Fashion Week
4. Ines Jankovic design
5. Romantic dinner and red roses for me :*
6.  The best pasta @OsteriaGalloNero
7. My gummy bears planner- makes me smile every time
8. Ill & in bed with new book
9. Baking muffins with apple and cinnamon...
10. ...and doing my nails. Do you like the new color?
11.  Love the architecture in Belgrade
12. Spotted: funny old car as an advertisement
13. Cathedral of Saint Sava
14. Short walk with my boy
15. Winter can't do me any harm- ready to go out!


  1. Gde si kupila planer?:)

    1. Dobila sam ga od decka, iz njegove firme je i upravo mu kukam kako mi treba i za 2013. :)